Used car buying guide: luxury saloons from (almost) the price of an iPhone X

17 May 2018
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I had planned to tell you what great cars you can treat yourself with for £5000, but then something amazing happened: a phone company decided to charge £1k for one of its products.

Even more incredibly, there are loads of people prepared to pay that price... for a phone. Good luck to them. It is a free world and I am sure the phone is fantastic. It’s just that it is still possible to buy a phone with a car attached. Indeed, our recently departed BMW X5 had a Nokia plumbed into it. I didn"t use it, but it got me thinking about what sort of connected cars we can still buy for a few grand – or a couple of iPhone Xs, as my trade friends now call it.

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The reality is that there are lots of cars from the 1990s and early 2000s with handsets attached. Sellers don’t want to tell you, or think it is irrelevant. However, the attached phone is fast becoming the classic car must-have, so buy one now before they get ripped out.