BMW 5 Series long-term review

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BMW 5 Series
BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series has been the go-to mid-sized executive saloon, and G30 generation brings 7 Series luxury limo quality to the class, but is it still the best?

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    The BMW 5 Series is top of the mid-exec pack, but is there still room for a diesel saloon in everyday family life? We found out over seven months
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11 May 2018
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Why we ran it: To find out if our favourite executive saloon also makes a great family car 

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Life with a BMW 520d: Month 7

Saying goodbye to the 520d - 25th April 2018

For anyone worried about the future of the traditional saloon in a world increasingly dominated by SUVs, the latest BMW 5 Series offers some hope, being a brilliant all-rounder that’s hugely desirable in its own right and infinitely better to drive.

That was the conclusion, at any rate, when we put it through the Autocar road test, but is the 5 Series as impressive when you live with it every day, or are there times when it frustrates?

Over the past seven months, I’ve been finding out, with it not only serving as my commuter car, but being asked to perform the role of practical weekend wheels and to facilitate a couple of family holidays.