Alpine A110 Premiere Edition 2018 UK review

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Alpine A110
Alpine A110 2018 road test review hero front

France’s revered sports car brand is back and chasing some heavyweight scalps

  • First Drive Alpine A110 Premiere Edition 2018 UK review
    Alpine's A110 comeback car manages to be both fun and interesting on UK roads at almost any speed
  • First Drive Alpine A110 2018 review
    The Alpine A110 is back. We witness the rebirth of the French sports car maker and drive the wonderful A110, one of the best driver's cars in years
14 May 2018
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What is it?

If you’ve read and fully digested Matt Prior’s dispatch from the launch of the A110 last year, you already know just how special a car Alpine has built.

What you’ll read here is an interim report between the car arriving for the first time in the UK and a full Autocar road test. It’s during the latter, spread over 10 pages in the magazine, that the A110 will be subjected to the rigours of road and track both bone-dry and treacherously sodden, to stopwatch, telemetry and noise-monitoring gear, and finally to the views taken by several road testers. We will discover whether it’s good for the five-star verdict early impressions suggested.

What makes the prospect so exciting is that five-star cars are generally rather more expensive than most people are prepared to spend. At around £50,000, you could say the A110 also falls into that category but, for many, it won’t — it’ll be mouthwateringly slap bang in the middle of toy territory.

So let’s quickly remind ourselves what an A110 actually is beyond a vividly reimagined interpretation of a ‘Berlinette’ built in the 1960s — one that proved pretty handy on a rally stage.