Land Rover Discovery long-term review

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Land Rover Discovery
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Is this a triumph of style over substance, or is the fifth-gen Land Rover Discovery the best yet?

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    Does the Land Rover Discovery – a vehicle designed to put in the hard yards – cut it as an executive company car? We ran it for seven months to find out
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Matt Prior
23 May 2018
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Why we ran it: To see how well suited this luxury off-roader is to executive travel, alongside the usual Mercedes-Benz and BMW suspects

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Life with a Land Rover Discovery: Month 7

Saying goodbye to the Discovery - 9th May 2018

If there’s a common phrase about Land Rovers to take away from the correspondence we receive, or from browsing internet forums, it’s this: “I love the car, but…” Following it might be many things. A quirk, a quibble, a complaint. It’s rare that ‘but’, phrased within “I love you, but…”, is followed by a positive.

To the Land Rover Discovery 5, then, which landed on Autocar’s fleet last autumn. So do I love this car? I do. The Discovery was launched last spring. I liked it then and I like it now.

It’s the big one, the practical one, the one to take on all comers and seat seven while it’s at it. It’s a TD6 HSE Luxury, which puts it at £64,195 – a lot, granted, but the majority of Discovery buyers opt for HSE or HSE Lux spec, so it’s clearly where Land Rover is: this isn’t just a 4x4; it’s an executive or luxury car rival.