Skoda Kodiaq long-term review

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Skoda Kodiaq
Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda jumps into the SUV market with both feet — and seven seats, but can the Kodiaq win the people's hearts in an already congested SUV market?

  • First Drive Skoda Kodiaq long-term review
    High-spec seven-seater Kodiaq had a lot to prove — for Skoda and SUVs. How did it fare after twelve months of family life?
  • First Drive Skoda Kodiaq 4x4 Sportline 2018 UK review
    Plusher version of Czech SUV adds higher-spec and sporty trim to practical base
Jim Holder
7 August 2018
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Why we ran it: Rational brand makes its most rational car to date: a seven-seat family SUV. Can it score what’s surely an open goal? 

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Life with an Skoda Kodiaq: Month 12

What flaws or virtues emerge when you throw real life and a family at this seven seat SUV for a year and 12,000 miles? - 11th July 2018

The people have spoken. Now there’s a phrase that has been thrust into our lives over the past two years and it has the power to excite or chill depending on your political leanings.

But before you put pen to paper, in this instance I’m referring to nothing more emotive than the inexorable rise of the SUV, increasingly the car-buying public’s champion and consequently available in more shapes and sizes than ever before.